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Technology is transforming every aspect of the workplace!


Regardless of whether your organization provides healthcare, manufacturing, real estate or any other product or service - technology is disrupting the status quo, creating amazing opportunities for business growth and new revenue models! 


From HR & Finance to Sales & Marketing, Shipping & Receiving or Billing & Customer Service... 

Every operating unit in your organization has a wealth of new technology options to improve efficiency and bring new capabilities to your business. 

The rapid pace of advancing technology, including the convergence of traditional telecom services with more traditional IT and data functions is both an intimidating and exciting development for businesses of all types, from every industry vertical.   

With the speed that the tech industry is moving, it's nearly impossible to keep up with the constantly shifting landscape... 

That's where Telcomprehensive Solutions comes in as your Technology Consulting & Brokerage Partner!

Our full-time job is to constantly stay in the market-place, continuously updating and educating our team on current and emerging trends, technologies and solutions that you can apply to your business to achieve greater success!

We're all about Outcomes - not Obstacles

Traditional IT departments are built to support infrastructure and protect data, but are often poorly equipped to handle the sourcing and procurement of new technology.


Sometimes existing IT teams are even against innovation due to a desire to maintain the status quo and remain indispensible - even when that may not be what is in the best interest of your business.


Further, vendors with a product to push are often the first to sell you that their product is the answer to all of your woes.

Technology vendors are often focused on convincing you that their newest mouse-trap is the "best solution", often without taking the time to help you discover if it's the right solution for you. 


How often have you made a purchase decision that solved one problem, but created a different set of problems that the vendor you purchased from didn't bring up?


The breakdown that we see too often lies in the disconnect between a product being excellent at what it does, but the vendor who is providing the product rarely highlights all of the things that their product doesn't do well, or how moving forward with them may arise in additional costs, complexity and stalled productivity.


We help you ask the right questions when evaluating new technology providers and help to identify those areas where obstacles may arise, so that we can help you answer the most important question in the purchase process; Even if this product is the best at what it does, is it truly what's best for you?

We're all about Social Stewardship

"What's best for you?" is the question at the forefront of every one of our engagements.  

We aim to transcend the limitations and demands of your existing infrastructure, your current processes, and whatever other obstacles may be holding your organization back from the next stage of success you're hoping to achieve. We are intensely focused on bringing the best possible solutions, from the best available providers, at the best value - when appropriate. 

What do we mean by "When appropriate?" 

Our goal is not to sell you a new product, service or mouse-trap.  Our aim is to leave your company, and our world, a better place.  (Too much?  Do you need a minute?  It's okay!  Breathe... let's continue...)  

Our goal is to match the solution to the outcomes you're looking for, being mindful of your resources and maximizing your return on investments you've already made as well as any new investments you may need to make.  

We are committed to a model of fiduciary responsibility for our clients, combined with social responsibility. If we can help you meet your objectives with your existing resources, we will make that recommendation and coordinate the appropriate resources to meet your objectives.

Our aim is to leave your company, and our world, a better place. 

Telecomprehensive Solutions was founded on the belief that the world is in need of companies that believe in creating a better experience for all of the humans, and other living and inanimate things, that are on this floating space rock hurtling through the cosmos.

We believe that we will not be leaving this world to our children - we are borrowing it from them.  And, when we borrow something from someone we believe in returning it in the same - or better - condition than we first received it.

You can learn more about our commitment to Social Stewardship here:

We're all about Comprehensive Solutions

Understanding your goals

Our first step is understanding your business, your motivations, your goals and the culture of your company.


Through a comprehensive survey of your existing systems, processes, people and platforms we help you to look at the entire ecosystem of your business to identify areas for improvement, and help you to align your solutions to meet the business challenges you're facing.


Learning  about both how you work, and why you work the way you do helps us learn how we can help you improve.

Manage your metrics against KPI's

You cannot improve what you cannot measure... We belive sustainable growth is intentional.


Understanding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business, whether sales & marketing, customer service, human resources, finance & accounting or any other departmental function is essential to designing and achieving a successful result. 


Working in partnership with you to identify, quantify and improve your results is a core part of our process.  

Success through collaborative support

You can count on a collaborative environment throughout the process. 


Once a firm understanding of the project is defined, and outcomes identified, your vendors are carefully screened, and brought in at the time they are most relevant to help design your new solutions. 


Rather than dealing with multiple reps each putting pressure on you to choose their product, we help manage those vendors and deliver the right solution for your business.

Providing you with the information to decide

Solutions are only as good as the thought that goes behind them. 


Understanding the outcomes you're looking to achieve is the first step in our process. 


We will help you identify the key performance indicators in each of your operations and help you find the processes and technologies to meet your needs.

Linking your technology to automate success

A chain is only as strong as its' weakest link - so, let's make sure your tech chain is strong!


Creating an integrated, intelligent, and interconnected ecosystem of technology applications, platforms, software, hardware and infrastructure is at the heart of helping you to operate more efficiently, more effectively, more productively and more profitably.

Return on your Investment is a core value

Optimizing the performance of the solutions we implement together, to get the maximum ROI on your investments is a core tenet of our success enablement process.

Your satisfaction is our success

Change management means ensuring your staff adopts the solution we design and implement for your business.  Engaging your employees in the decision & deployment processes helps ensure successulf outcomes.

We're all about Your Satisfaction!

Your satisfaction

is our success!

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