Telecomprehensive Cares

Building Better Communities Builds Better Businesses

Telecomprehensive Solutions was founded upon principles of Social Stewardship & Responsibility.  What does that mean?

Businesses have always played a fundamental role in the prosperity of the communities in which they operate, and those that they serve.

We believe it's important to make a substantial investment in the communities we serve, and those that enable us to prosper and thrive.  Mutuality is one of our core principles, and we endeavor to embrace, emulate and foster mutuality in all of our relationships - after all, we're all in this together.

Too often we have seen, especially in technology, an ethos of rampant greed.  Managing by spreadsheets may make sense to a venture capital firm, but we believe in empowering privately held small and mid-market enterprises, which requires a completely different mindset and value framework. 

That belief translates into a commitment for investing in those communities; through service, participation and financial investment.

What does that look like?

Sustainability, Service, and Charity...

Telecomprehensive Solutions is dedicated to fostering sustainability, providing community service and supporting local, national and global non-profits that are trying to make the world a better place for all of us to live.


One of our core values is that we are not leaving this world to future generations - we are borrowing it from them.


When you take a moment to contemplate that, it means that we have an ethical and moral obligation to leave this world in a better condition for future generations than we received it.  


Sadly, this concept has not been widely embraced to date, leading to the many disparities of socio-economic realities for too many of our fellow humans.


Technology can be the great uniter, but, we need to be conscious and intentional in the pursuit of how we apply technology to create equality, and not to widen advantage disparities that are already present in our institutions.


Technology empowers us to rethink our approach to almost everything in our lives, and to design the future by taking ideas and manifesting them into hard realities.  As SpiderMan is often quoted as saying, "In great power lies great responsibility..."


We believe that everyone of us are individually and collectively responsible for creating a better reality, not just for ourselves, but for future generations.


Telecomprehensive Solutions was founded on the promise of that premise - to leave a lasting and substantial positive impact on this world for future generations.

Giving Back is in Our DNA

In order to fulfill that mission, Telecomprehensive Solutions is committed to giving back to the communities that we work with through charitable giving programs.  We donate ten percent of our top line revenues back to a number of wonderful non-profits in the education and human services sectors.


We are always looking for opportunities to support worthwhile causes in the community, and have partnered with an number of phenomenal charitable organizations since our founding.


It is our commitment to keep ninety percent of the charitable giving we do in the local communities where our income was generated.  


This means that when your organization decides to work with Telecomprehensive Solutions, we will give you the opportunity to select what charity receives the donations generated by the business you place with us.


This approach generates a collaborative community coalition of committed compassionate companies all working toward building better communities and businesses, creating the change that we hope to be and see in this world.

Charitable Giving Partners

We have had the great privilege of working with and supporting a number of non-profits and charitable organizations since our inception.  These organizaitons are serving education, health and human services, veterans affairs, homelessness and a host of other causes.


As with most of the challenges we face in this world, simply throwing money at a problem rarely solves the root cause of the problem. 


We believe that through volunteerism we can help to address and resolve those indemic and systemic issues that create the need to form non-profits to address them in the first place.


In addition to donating ten percent of our revenues to our organization, our Founder has also built in that ten percent of our team members' time should be dedicated to volunteering with these partners.


Each team member gets to choose an organization that is important to them, and donate ten percent of their weekly schedule toward volunteering in the community. 


This helps our team understand the value of the promise that we make to our communities, and become advocates to execute on our vision of creating a better world for all of us.

Some of our Charitable Giving Partners:

Charity Partnership

Above and beyond our standard charitable giving, Telecomprehensive Solutions has elected to partner with the Free Wheelchair Mission as a special partner with a special program.  


For each new line of service placed through Telecomprehensive Solutions, we also donate a wheelchair to someone in need through the Free Wheelchair Mission.  


As a global human services organization, Free Wheelchair Mission is doing some great work getting people up off the ground, and empowering them to live a more fulfilling life.


The empowerment they provide to wheelchair recipients and the families and loved ones that support them aligns directly with all of our core values.  


This special cause requires a special type of partnership, which is why we have chosen to go above and beyond. 


Our current goal is to fill a shipping container with donated wheelchairs.  We are well on the way, but still have a long way to go to achieve this milestone.  Will you help us get there?


You can learn more about this partnership here:

Business & Workforce Development

Telecomprehensive Solutions is committed to empowering a 21st century workforce with the skills to succeed in this digital age.  We work within our communities to provide educational opportunities that unify our business, education and social sustainability goals.


From working with students in K-12 to Post-Secondary Education, Internships and aligning curriculums with the demands of our corporate citizens, we believe we can create tranformative change in our communities.


From veteran's returning to the private workforce, to high school students connecting with career technical education, displaced employees upskilling themselves to create financial stability, and connecting college graduates with in-demand employment opportunities, we work to evolve our communities and create sustainable ecosystems that improve lives and create investment opportunities in people.


Our founder, Brian Andersen, currently serves as co-chair of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce's Business & Workforce Development Committee.


In this role, Andersen helps guide initiatives that support this mission including teaching financial literacy to middle-schoolers, ethics frameworks to high-schoolers, soft skill training for college students and conducting business success surveys in the local community to find areas to create new programs to help attract & retain businesses and employees in our local communities.

Sustainability & Stewardship

Several of the non-profits that we partner with are focused on the challenges of creating sustainability and exercising social stewardship in the communities we serve.


From keeping jobs local and creating networking ecosystems for start-ups, to ensuring that elecronic waste is recycled, refurbished and distributed back into the community to provide access to technology for financially disadvantaged residents, we believe that these private-public partnerships are the key to transforming lives and creating a better world for all of us.


Our commitment is to create as much sustainability, resiliency and innovation in our communities as possible.


In everything we do, we work toward delivering value on the belief that we are not leaving this world to future generations - rather, we are borrowing it from them. 


As we continue to grow, we look forward to opportunities to get involved in new communities and create productive ecosystems and outcomes that will make a lasting positive impact for generations to come.